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Who We Are

Created by Medallia, the global leader in customer experience management, the Medallia Institute is the place to go for guidance that will unleash the potential of your customer experience efforts. The Institute’s goal is to help companies improve their performance by leveraging customer experience best practices and the Medallia platform.

Courses and workshops emphasize practical approaches and examples, so you can put everything you learn into action. Led by trainers and domain experts with experience in CEM and a deep knowledge of the Medallia platform, the courses bring the best of Medallia’s expertise to help you get maximum value out of your customer experience investments.

Our Leadership

John Abraham

John leads the Medallia Institute, which develops courses and workshops on customer experience best practices. He has run workshops with more than 2000 customer experience professionals and business leaders across a variety of industries. Prior to joining Medallia, John led the Net Promoter community, working closely with customer loyalty author Fred Reichheld on the NPS approach. John started his career with Andersen Consulting and Booz Allen Hamilton and was a marketing executive in the software industry for more than 10 years.

Our Leadership

Ann Parparita

Ann leads Medallia Education Services, a team which develops and delivers courses on the Medallia product to Medallia customers, partners, and employees. Prior to this role, Ann spent 5 years with Medallia Managed Services and Implementations, working directly with customers on complex accounts and growing the team and the associated portfolio of accounts by more than 3x in less than 1.5 years. Ann started her career doing consulting with ZS Associates and Analysis Group.

I took away some very innovative tools to assess the effectiveness of our long-standing program. Our executives were excited about the enhancements and the program team was energized and motivated.


Kim Palenik, Verizon Enterprise Solutions