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Self-Service Text Analytics


The comments that customers make — whether in surveys, social media, or online reviews — are a treasure trove of information for your business. To maximize the full potential of this information requires an efficient process for capturing this data and mining it effectively to produce actionable insights.


This course is designed for companies that use Medallia’s Text Analytics solution to analyze qualitative comment data. It focuses on the self-service features that allow administrators to create topics on the fly to test hypotheses and modify topics for more effective tracking and reporting over time. You will learn best practices for unlocking additional value from customer verbatims to drive new insights and make more informed business decisions.


Who should attend?

Medallia clients and partners who will be responsible for creating or maintaining topics within Medallia’s Text Analytics solution.


Why attend?

  • Quickly discover themes in your data that have a significant impact on your customers’ experience
  • Organize customer comments into actionable concepts
  • Build topics and subtopics relevant to your business needs
  • Use linguistic tools to look for words and phrases that are unique to your company or industry
  • Create and view actionable, interactive reports on your dashboard based on data from customer comments


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The training was a fantastic, hands-on experience. I came away from it with skills
that I could immediately put to use in my current role. Our facilitator was excellent
and very engaging.


Jennifer Tregidga, Customer Experience Team Leader