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Operational CEM Certification – Levels 1 & 2

Online, Self-paced



In today’s transparent and information-rich environment, extracting insights from customer data is critical. But insights only make an impact when you take action on them. That’s where Operational Customer Experience Management makes the difference. It’s a methodology that accelerates your organization’s ability to anticipate and adapt to changing customer needs. This two-level certification package will teach you and your team a proven approach to:

  • Transform customer experience insights into actions

  • Align teams around the customer’s needs

  • Accelerate internal learning and improvement

  • Differentiate and adapt ahead of the market

    Join more than 1,000 customer experience leaders who have used what they’ve learned to unleash the potential of their customer experience program.

    Level 1

    Learn how to elevate your customer experience efforts by creating a dialogue between customers and the teams who impact the experience. This course covers the following topics:

    Introduction to Operational CEM: Learn about Operational CEM, a management methodology that aligns teams around the customer’s needs, accelerates learning, and continuously evolves a company’s activities to support profitable growth at scale.

    Seeing Yourself as Customers Do: Organizations tend to see themselves through the lens of their own teams and processes. But that narrow view limits your organization’s ability to understand the customer and improve. Learn how to design an outside-in approach that creates a real-time dialogue between customers and internal teams.

    Wiring the Customer into Every Decision: Getting feedback is meaningless if you don’t act on it, and a single team looking at the data isn’t enough. See how giving every team relevant information tailored to their specific needs will expand your entire organization’s ability to make decisions that improve the customer experience and your company’s bottom line.

    Level 2

    Build on your skills from Level 1 and learn how to foster a culture of customer experience accountability that drives operational improvement and innovation. This course covers the following topics:

    Driving Accountability at all Levels: In a customer-focused culture, every employee takes ownership for improving the customer experience. Learn how to accomplish this by aligning goals and responsibilities with a common vision centered on the customer. Then, leverage this focus by empowering all levels of the organization to respond to customer feedback, surface underlying issues, and share learning.

    Innovating Continuously at Scale: As companies grow, they can lose the agility required to respond swiftly to changing customer needs. But this isn’t inevitable. Discover how companies can turn their size into an advantage and drive innovation at scale to adapt and stay ahead of the market.

    Developing Your Action Plan: Develop an action plan to maximize the impact of Operational CEM in your company. If you already have a customer experience program, prioritize areas where you can improve your approach. If you’re just getting started, focus on identifying the most important practices that your organization needs to put in place.

    Online learning

    Study when and where it’s most convenient, and save on travel costs. You will receive a participant guide and access to our learning website with videos, interactive activities, and an instructor Q&A forum.

    We also offer a 1-day Accelerator Workshop periodically in major cities to complement the online training with instructor-led discussion and Q&A. Visit our Upcoming Courses page for our current workshop schedule and pricing.




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